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Semi-custom brand kits for ambitious business owners ready to give their goals a facelift. 

When you have a solid-gold idea, a passionate dream you can’t wait share, the world deserves to experience it. When you’re so fired up with tummy butterflies of the best kind, your budget should not hold you back on getting your vision out there. Your desire to work for yourself, connect with likeminded humans, and share your message doesn’t need to be stifled any longer.

For big dreamers to find their place in the world faster, these brand kits will give you the facelift you need to move your time from fiddling with design, to maximizing productivity in your zone of genius. 

The Library is for you. And The Library is for all of us, because once you put your dream out there, we’re all going to benefit from your shine.


Get your time back  so you can focus on  your talents.

Let go of the headaches around brand consistency.

Stop worrying about tasks outside of  your comfort zone.

Look good, fast.

Do you have a great business idea and know  you need to look professional  to succeed?

Are you DIYing your branding and it's taking all of your time?

Does the thought of designing branded content stress you out?

Are you tired of guessing what elements look good together and just want some help?

We’ll work together to explore your business, evaluate your brand goals, and talk through which template and color palette might be a good fit for your business.

Customized to your business name and delivered in your brand colors, black, and white.

Customized to your business name and/or brand tagline and delivered in your brand colors, black, and white. 

You’ll have access to the Paragraph color palette library with recommendations on what would be a good fit for both your business and your chosen template.

Each brand comes with a recommended selection of fonts. These have been hand selected to best represent each brand. You’ll receive a link to access these brand fonts with your purchase.

Each brand is unique, but all have some sort of extended selection of brand assets. Most of which can be tailored to fit your brand’s palette and/or logo.

What you get

Brand assets


Font recommendations


Personalized color palette


Suite of secondary logos


Primary logo


Brand consultation


The Library gives your brand the visual facelift it needs with professionally designed logos, patterns, and more. You'll get custom creative direction and an optional brand strategy discovery, so you can be confident your brand is uniquely yours.


Each pre-made brand has been designed to feel completely unique. A small description to outline the design, as well as some brand keywords have been provided. You’ll also find recommended palettes and all the brand assets you would receive with your purchase. Chances are, you’ll know in your gut which one feels like a good fit for you and your business. Each brand is only sold 3 times!

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You’ll provide your business name, what you do, and a small description of who you are. This helps to ensure the selected logo would be a good fit for you and can be accurately customized.

Request to purchase


After approval you’ll receive a custom invoice that must be paid in full before the design phase can be started. (Payment plans available!)

Receive approval


We’ll find a time to meet where we’ll talk through your business and uncover the creative direction we’ll use to tailor your chosen template. You’ll receive the color palette library at this point.

Schedule your brand consultation


Over the course of the next three days, every piece of your chosen template will be customized to you. Colors will be swapped, names will be placed, patterns will be adjusted, etc. You’ll receive one revision during this phase if you want to see an adjustment.

Brand customization


After everything is squared away, your final brand will be delivered to you via Dropbox and we’ll celebrate! You’ll receive all the assets you need in every possible format. After designs are in your hands, they are yours and you are free to use them however you wish.

Delivery and launch!



Pre-made brand kits designed to give you more opportunities to grow your business immediately. If you're ready to start bringing all your magic into the world, these kits are made or you.

How it works

30% off a 50-min brand strategy call

Purchasing a semi-custom brand kit also gives you a discount on a one-on-one brand strategy consultation. This consultation includes a 50-min video call where we discuss your personal brand, business history and future, your audience, and your brand tone. You’ll receive a mini brand strategy guide summarizing everything we discuss.

Value of $220, only $154 after discount.

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A clean brand image gives you the confidence to share your business card, book your first client, expand your services, dream bigger, do more, love your work.


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