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January 16, 2020

How to use your values in your work

Your values are the number one thing that sets you apart from every other business out there. Your values are what make you youYour values are what can attract, inspire, and keep an audience around. Your values are what can help you bring in clients.


Your values attract an audience
Knowing, sharing, and living out your values every day in your work is how you can build a business that you are not only proud of and believe in, but one that others will believe in too. Lets say for example that you value boldness, sass, creativity, and enthusiasm. By sharing and living out those values every day, you’re going to attract a audience of humans who believe in those same values. Your clients will likely be loud, no-nonsense, energetic and looking to spend their money with someone who views the world the same as they do. And in turn, you’ll be enjoying your work much more when you’re working with folks you see eye to eye with.

Your values make you valuable
Once you’ve uncovered what it is you truly value in both your personal and professional life, find where you blend them together to strengthen your brand values and begin to use them in your work.

How to use your values in your work:

01. Share your values.

Tell people what it is that makes your pulse quicken and lights you the heck up. Be straight-forward and clear with communicating how you see the world and what excites you. Chances are, you’ll be starting conversations with similar-minded folks right away.

02. Bring values into your workflow.

Value thoughtfulness? Make it a point to remember client birthdays and send them a note of love when the day crosses the calendar. If you value creativity, can you build longer project timelines to account for more creative brainstorming time? What if you value service? Try scheduling days of giving where you volunteer your time to help your community.

03. Build marketing strategies around your values.

If connection is a value you care about, is posting endlessly to Pinterest helping you build relationships? Probably not. What might help is starting a Facebook group where you can have real conversations with your audience. Or perhaps you need to get out into the community; you could try hosting workshops to experience those in-person connections in real time.

04. Align your offerings with your values.

If you value independence, but your offerings are not giving your clients a opportunity to use their own strengths (aka, you are telling vs. encouraging), then maybe a new offering for you could be a coaching or consulting packing. You can teach your skills while allowing your clients to hone in on their own choices and decisions as you guide them.

Tips to use your values in your work

Personally I consult my values on a weekly basis to make sure I’m sharing from a place of personal strength. My values help ground me within the white noise of the internet, they remind me that I have a unique place just for me in this world, and they excite me as I connect with more humans who see things the way I do.

All my love

P.S. Don’t know your brand values? Download my free value-finding workbook here. Then, be sure to let me know what your values are and how you are using them in your work! I can’t wait to hear.

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