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July 2, 2020

Clarify your brand with mission, vision, and positioning statements

You’ve likely heard that a mission statement and a positioning statement are the same thing with different titles. Or maybe you aren’t sure what either are but you have some sort of an “elevator pitch” for your biz… It’s all confusing, right?

I want to help you break it down by starting with the understanding that your mission statement and positioning statement are two very different and very necessary things. And while we’re here, I want to help you understand a vision statement because I’m guessing yours needs some work too….

Generally, I see this topic leaning one of two ways:

  1. Total and complete confusion on what these statements are and why they are necessary, leading to unclear messages.
  2. Lack of understanding leading to completely ignoring these statements all together and blindly flying through your business.

I’m here to help you clear this up once and for all, guys.

I want to help you understand that all three of these statements are crucial to the clarity in your business. They are essential components before you even begin considering your visual identity. They are necessary for your business planning, your day-to-day functioning, and crystal clear understanding of what your business is and how you serve the world.

They are important, okay? Glad we’ve got that covered.

So, let’s break it down starting with a mission statement.

A MISSION STATEMENT answers the question: “what can I expect from your business?” 

Oftentimes this statement, or a version of this statement can be found front and center on your website. It helps people understand what you do and why it matters to them. With a mission statement, you want people to very clearly know what your business does, who you work with, how you serve the people you work with and why they should care. A mission statement should be focused in the present.

A VISION STATEMENT answers the question, “what does your business stand for?”

This statement is often overlooked but is so important when leading a business from the heart. It helps people understand the core goals of your business, what you believe in and what you’re striving for. A vision statement should be focused in the future.

A POSITIONING STATEMENT answers the question, “so, what do you do for work?”

Yeah. The big one. The one you try to jam everything plus the kitchen sink into.

This is a question so many online entrepreneurs struggle with. We’re all wearing so many hats that it can be difficult to succinctly describe what you do. I get it. To get this one right, though, the key is to keep. it. simple. Don’t overthink it. Answer by saying what you do and who you serve. The conversation can flow from there. A positioning statement should be action focused.

To help give you some inspiration and see these statements in action, read through my mission, vision and positioning statements for Paragraph below. 

Paragraph Branding House is a full-service branding agency for intuitive business owners. By bringing more of you into your work, we partner together to build a brand that aligns with your authentic self.

At Paragraph Branding House our vision is to change the way brands function. We believe that business can be healing, not built solely on numbers and spreadsheets. By valuing candor, curiosity, relationships, ownership, and discovery, Paragraph exists to joyfully celebrate the humans behind every brand.

“I’m a brand mentor and creative director. I own a small agency that works primarily with online business owners on their brand strategy, identity, and web design.”

Do you have a mission statement for your biz or are you now scrambling to write one? Leave a comment with your statements, I’d love to hear them!

P.S. Did you notice I mentioned my values in my vision statement? Find your brand values with a free worksheet I put together. It might just help you write these statements!

All my love,

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