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July 30, 2020

Brand Reveal – Striding in Speech

I’m excited to share a brand reveal for my sweet friend Amber of Striding in Speech. Amber was my first ever college roommate! We met through a friend of mine who was rooming with Amber’s older sister. The two thought we would be a good fit, and sure enough, we hit it off immediately.

When we lived together we had so much fun picking out the color palette of our dorm room, buying matching bedspreads, securing a carpet square to put on the floor to make it cozy, hanging identical curtains on our closet doors… alright I’m bragging at this point: our dorm room was really dang cute.

Amber is a Speech Therapist, and when she told me about her plan to start an online shop selling resources for other speech therapists to use with their students I was so excited to help her bring it to life. We started last year by developing a logo and small branding system to make her shop feel unique in the market. And then recently we expanded on that system with a website and social media graphics.


Branding, Online Shop Styling,
E-commerce Website Design, Social Media Graphics


Design something that feels bright and playful to reflect the children Amber’s resources help, while also 

appealing to her taste. Also consider how she can display her resource thumbnails in a way that doesn’t compete with the branding.

The initial round of design was a flop. It was too modern, the colors too dark, and overall it was a bit too far away from the industry she was in. While standing out is important, Amber didn’t want to feel completely different from her competitors. 

Round two offered some designs closer to her style.

After we landed on a stronger design that she loved, we then determined colors.

The final logo:

Next,  we built out her website. Now, because this was almost a year later, we knew we wanted to expand a bit on her original branding. We reworked some of the shapes from her initial brand to feel more playful and less “blob like.” This helped to give Amber more elements to play with. We also developed these shapes into patterns, adding a few more color shades into the mix to provide depth.

Because she sells her products on a few different online shops, we needed her personal website to showcase her brand personality, while also helping with SEO to get her found faster. We linked out to her other shops, were intentional about image titles, focused with the copy, and added page descriptions throughout the site. Her site also has a blog, helping add consistent new links to her website growing her digital reach even further.

Finally we wrapped the project with some social media templates. These templates utilized her brand assets and were built on a platform she knew how to use: Google Slides! Don’t underestimate the tools you have at your fingertips – setting custom page sizes to a Slides presentation allowed us to customize the “deck” to use as social templates!



What do you think? Do you love Amber’s playful brand as much as I do? Personally, I think it’s so dang cute. Be sure to visit to see the live site.

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