July 22, 2020

5 Self-Confidence Boosting Prompts to Banish Limiting Beliefs

I’ll admit it, my biggest pet peeve is your lack of self-confidence.

I might hurt your feelings saying this, but I don’t care if you *think* you can’t do something, I only care about *how hard you’re willing to try* to achieve something. Why? Because babe, I believe in you.

Here is the thing, friends. We’ve all spent way too much time being hard on ourselves. I’ve watched countless women believe the lies society has told them about not being enough. I’ve listened as they’ve said self-deprecating things to themselves. 


You want to know who isn’t self-sabotaging and instead, building herself up? It’s your friend making 6-figures in her online business. She took inventory of the talents she has and learned how to monetize them.

It’s also the woman opening a shop selling a similar idea to yours who wasn’t totally sure she could do it, but she chose to try anyway.

You know that coworker getting promoted over you? Yeah, she leveraged her position by figuring out how to sell her skills to your boss.

What do all those scenarios and women have in common? All of these women stopped making excuses. Each one of them took that courageous step and believed in themself. Every successful woman out there has stood in front of a self-confidence crisis and chosen a different answer for herself. She chose her future.

I have yet to meet someone that hasn’t given me a reason to believe in them. And if I can see it, you can too.

Want to overcome these limiting beliefs in yourself? Follow my five confidence boosting prompts to help banish those nasty thoughts.

The first and most important part of this exercise is taking out your pen and paper. Physically writing down the prompts in this exercise makes them real for you, and allows you to free-flow your writing as your brain naturally expands on the ideas. This will serve as a record for you to refer to whenever you need a boost.

Some confidence boosting prompts to banish those limiting beliefs:

01. List your strengths

Start with everything your grandma ever said you were good at, and then start thinking about what your friends might say, what your past teachers or bosses might say, what your significant other might brag about you. Keep digging, there are some great qualities there.

02. Write your success story

Think of a time you felt most proud to be you. It could be a big project you knocked out of the park, or perhaps a conversation that greatly impacted a friend. Write down the story in third person. Then read it back to yourself, out loud. Take a moment to title your story and reflect on how it felt.

03. Ask your close humans to share what they consider to be your personal values

Sometimes hearing what other people think we value can help us understand how they see us. These close friends and family members know you best, let them love on you for a bit.

04. Take a walk around the block

Get out of your physical space and into nature to shift your perspective. As you walk, list all the things you feel and hear – the gravel under your shoes, the wind on your shoulders. Ground yourself to get out of your head.

05. Write down a happy memory from your childhood

A big part of self-confidence is general happiness. When you take a moment to remember a lovely memory from your past, you can also remember to enjoy the little things. Remember that your life is made up of these little memories – work hard to remember the happy ones and forget the ones where you felt small.

This is just a starting place for the inner shifts that I know we’re all capable of. Do you have any go-to’s when it comes to banishing self-doubt? Leave a comment and let me know your best confidence flip!

Believing in you,

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